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Chapter 35: Jen Agg on fussy feminism and ferocious fastidiousness


Jen Agg is a celebrated Toronto-based restaurateur. She has opened  many award-winning restaurants including The Black Hoof, Rhum Bar, Le Swan, and Grey Gardens.

When Jen opens a restaurant, people notice. There are lineups. Buzz. An incalculable feeling that, once again, she’s put her finger on the pulse of what people want. 

Me and Jen in a booth at her french diner Le Swan.

Me and Jen in a booth at her french diner Le Swan.

Jen is also the bestselling author of the memoir “I Hear She’s A Real Bitch” which features the cover blurb from Anthony Bourdain saying “Whatever Jen Agg says is worth listening to.” I agree. 

We have this conversation at her restaurant Le Swan on Queen Street West in Toronto. 

Jen and I talk about whether fussyness is a virtue, the art of dining alone, how to have a healthy marriage with someone twenty years older than you, and what it was like for Jen growing up with one breast. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! She challenges me as you’ll soon hear. 

I hope you enjoy Chapter 35 of 3 Books.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Is having a “type” when dating racist?

  • How can we avoid becoming vanilla and maintain a strong voice?

  • Why should we stop caring so much about what other people think of us?

  • How are misogyny and patriarchy still deeply ingrained in society?

  • How do tomboys currently occupy our complicated gender role landscape?

  • What is potentially the greatest last line in a book ever?

  • What is the next big gender role conversation in the world post #MeToo?

  • Why are friends overrated?

Ideas Worth SHARING:

“I think the idea of having a ‘type’ is so wrapped up in what our cultural standards of beauty are and what our gender standards are.” @TheBlackHoof #3bookspodcast

“The reason that I’m able to have the strength of conviction that I have is partly because I was a very loved child.” @TheBlackHoof #3bookspodcast

“Try being born with one tit and growing up as a teenager and going through all of that with boys who only care about tits. Plural.” @TheBlackHoof #3bookspodcast

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