Chapter 2: Frank Warren of PostSecret on understanding your past to control your future

Our recording studio for Chapter 2! On a sunny balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Our recording studio for Chapter 2! On a sunny balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Frank Warren (@postsecret) is founder of PostSecret, an art project inviting strangers to anonymously mail in their secrets on homemade postcards. What started as a passion project quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. has become the largest ad-free blog in the world with over 800,000,000 visitors and has evolved into six New York Times bestsellers, a viral TED Talk, a MOMA and Smithsonian exhibit, and hundreds of PostSecret Live events. Frank has received over 1,000,000 postcards mailed to him from around the world. 

Cramped selfies FTW.

Cramped selfies FTW.

From a sunny balcony in San Diego overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Frank Warren and I uncover and discuss his three most formative books and pull out the resonant themes affecting us all. How do we give people a voice? In a flattening world, how do we build trust with new people? And what are the lessons we can take and apply to our own lives from these three life-changing books?

Listen to Chapter 2:

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What You'll Learn:

  • The somewhat embarrassing strategy I first used to connect with Frank

  • What was the first book to give voice to "the people" versus the power?

  • How did Frank become "America's Most Trusted Stranger"?

  • What are 2-3 specific suggestions Frank shares to help us build trust with new people?

  • How do we learn to become better storytellers?

Ideas Worth TWEETING:

"We don’t really have as much control of our future until we more greatly understand our past." @PostSecret

"Everyday people have extraordinary stories to share." @PostSecret

"By learning history, it allows us to understand how there are many, many more possibilities and a direction forward we might not have thought of otherwise." @PostSecret


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