Chapter 1: Beginning the hunt for life-changing books ... in the basement with my wife Leslie

Leslie and I in a less basementy location.

Leslie and I in a less basementy location.


This is an unusual first chapter. In every other chapter I'll have a guest, their three most formative books, and a discussion touching on life's biggest themes. But this one? You'll join me and my wife Leslie in an intimate chat in our basement just after we put our kids to bed. I share my idea of starting 3 Books and talk about the vision, goals, and values of the show. She asks some surprising questions and you'll hear me struggling with my desires and the shape of the show.  

We discuss the impact and science behind what books do for us, why it's ridiculously impossible to find good ones, and how 3 Books will help.

And finally... I receive the very first book to kick off our Top 1000. 


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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What's the origin and vision behind 3 Books?

  • What's the biggest problem in the book industry?

  • How does the value of curation skyrocket in an era of infinite choice?

  • What types of guests and listeners are we looking for on 3 Books?

  • How did I lose and find my love for reading?

  • What's the relationship and science between reading and happiness?

Ideas Worth Sharing:

"The thing that made you successful in the first place was because you were doing something fun. You have to go back to just doing something fun." - @NeilPasricha

"Life is too short to live one life. And the reader lives a thousand lives before he dies." - @NeilPasricha

"I want to come up with a way for people to have a chance to find the books that change their lives." - @NeilPasricha

"Books touch a wider range of emotions and thoughts than anything else in the world." - @NeilPasricha

"I think if you do something that makes you happy ... it usually leads to something good." - Leslie Richardson 

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