Chapter 24: Jonathan Fields on winning with will and weaving why into work

I travelled to the upper west side of NYC to visit the Good Life Project’s headquarters.

I travelled to the upper west side of NYC to visit the Good Life Project’s headquarters.

How do we focus more on meaning and what matters?

What’s the key to living a good life?

Enter my good friend, Jonathan Fields.

Jonathan is the bestselling author of five books and the host of Good Life Project podcast, which attracts over a million listeners a month. His podcast has been dubbed one of the best self-development podcasts by Wall Street Journal and made it onto The Guardian’s Top-25 Episodes of the Year.

Me and Jonathan in his studio

Me and Jonathan in his studio

Jonathan is a maker. He’s made books such as How To Live A Good Life, which was an instant international bestseller. He has made products such as the Sparketypes™, a set of archetypes that allows individuals to discover their unique source-code for work that fuels purpose, deepens engagement, and unlocks the fuller expression and performance of who they are. He’s even hand made his own guitar!

So, it probably comes as no surprise that we cover gigantic themes in this chapter such as how to find leanness in an era of fat, how to touch on bigger life questions without being prescriptive, how to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset, and how everything in the world is endless … except attention and life.

With that, let’s head to the upper west side of New York City to visit the Good Life Project’s headquarters and sit down with the incredible Jonathan Fields.

Welcome to Chapter 24.

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What You'll Learn:

  • How can we find leanness in an era of fat?

  • How can enforcing creative restraints help people produce better work?

  • What’s more important: the conquest or the journey?

  • Which book should every aspiring writer read?

  • How can a short story paint a very elaborate and moving picture in so few words?

  • How should we deal with our kids experiencing failure?

  • What’s the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset?

  • How can we navigate changes that don’t seem like we’re moving ‘forward,’ such as the transition from teacher to student, doctor to patient, spouse to divorcee?

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“We spend so much time trying to create something out in the world. Trying to make a mark. Trying to earn a living. Trying to be productive. None of that matters unless it’s the outward expression of what matters most on an inner level.” @jonathanfields #3bookspodcast

“Be intentional about the way you invest your attention and your time rather than running through life reactively.” @jonathanfields #3bookspodcast

“Cultivate the skill of awareness so you can place your attention with care.” @jonathanfields #3bookspodcast

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