3 Books uncovers and discusses the 3 most formative books of inspiring people such as Judy Blume, David Sedaris, Chris Anderson of TED, and the world’s greatest UBER driver...


3 Books is the world's only podcast by and for book lovers, writers, makers, sellers... and librarians. 

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In each Chapter of 3 Books we uncover and discuss the three most formative books of an inspiring individual. 

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3 Books is the winner of Apple’s “Best of 2018 Podcasts” award.

3 Books is 100% ad, sponsor, commercial, and interruption free.

3 Books is 100% recorded live and in-person at the location of the guest’s choosing.

3 Books is recorded in a special “two-ear” format so you are in the middle of the conversation.

3 Books is published on the exact minute of every single new moon and full moon from March 31, 2018 - September, 2031.

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