Chapter 36: Two teenage Mormon missionaries on missing mom to make miracles

I was enjoying one of my ‘ untouchable days ’ when I met two Mormons on the streets of Toronto.

I was enjoying one of my ‘untouchable days’ when I met two Mormons on the streets of Toronto.

So one day I’m out taking one of my magical life-changing long walks when suddenly two guys are like “Hi! How are you?!”

And I look up kind of stunned because I’m walking around downtown Toronto where no one really pops out of the woodwork to shout a “Hi! How are you?!” at you …

What do I see?

Two young men smiling back at me. Like, big smiles! Gigantic smiles. Dressed up, too. It takes me a minute to piece it together but turns out they’re Mormon Missionaries living away from home for two years with the sole purpose of teaching people about their church.

Elder Cox and Elder Corona

Elder Cox and Elder Corona

They asked me what I’d heard about Mormonism and I said, uh, well, they don’t drink much and they have a lot of kids. Oh, and there’s a play called The Book of Mormon! Super ignorant.

I got to talking to them and my fascination with these guys deepened. They are teenagers. They go by Elder Cox and Elder Corona. They are living away from home for two years while most of their peers go to college. They get no TV, no music, no books, no booze, no bars, no dating, and no… well, no anything most teenagers would be interested in.

Do they have doubts? Do they have fears? What if no one believes in them? How successful are they?

How do they even define success?

So, on this Super Moon of August 30, 2019, we are sitting down with two teenage Mormon Missionaries to discuss their three most formative books and what it’s like devoting your life to one sole mission, purpose, and faith.

I found this conversation enlightening and inspiring on many levels.

I hope you do, too.

Listen to Chapter 36 of 3 Books:

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What You'll Learn:

  • What is Mormonism? (And why do they prefer you don’t call it that?)

  • How do we battle constant rejection?

  • What beliefs underpin the idea of knocking on doors to discuss religion?

  • What is the missionary “success rate” or how often (and how) do they convert somebody?

  • How do followers of the church approach topics like homosexuality and feminism?

Ideas Worth SHARING:

“Women have their blessings and their gifts, and men have their responsibilities and their gifts.” Elder Cox and Elder Corona #3bookspodcast

“You can’t build faith in something unless you doubt.” Elder Cox and Elder Corona #3bookspodcast

“As missionaries, we don’t believe that we do the converting. We believe that God does.” Elder Cox and Elder Corona #3bookspodcast

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