Chapter 38: Ryan Holiday on bashing beachy books and building balance

I flew to Austin, Texas to sit down with Ryan Holiday and discuss his most formative books.

I flew to Austin, Texas to sit down with Ryan Holiday and discuss his most formative books.

Back in 2013 I stumbled on an article online called “How To Read More — A Lot More” by some writer guy on the Internet named Ryan Holiday.

I started reading the piece and got sucked into it. He had a point! A great point. Many great points, actually. And he was super young. A young man telling the world to read more books? In an era where most guys read none… or, you know, like three books a year?

Me and Ryan with … you guessed it, books!

Me and Ryan with … you guessed it, books!

I found Ryan Holiday to be a complete breath of fresh air.

So I immediately began to copy everything he did.

He launched a monthly book club.

I launched a monthly book club! (With his blessings, of course.)

He was talking about reading fifty then a hundred books a year.

I started to read five books then ten books then fifty books a year.

I started cancelling magazine and newspaper subscriptions and began to consciously put my phone away. I installed a bookshelf at my front door and cancelled cable.

And, of course, I started this podcast!

Ryan and his most prized possessions.

Ryan and his most prized possessions.

In a way 3 Books would not exist without Ryan Holiday. I can trace my rediscovered passion for reading all the way back to this writer guy from the Internet.

But he’s not just a writer guy on the Internet anymore.

Ryan Holiday has sold over 2,000,000 books (!) and essentially leads the repopularization of stoic philosophy on a mass scale. Some of his books include The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy, and his brand new book, Stillness Is The Key.

Ryan also runs, the consulting company Brass Check, and his newest project Daily Dad.

He’s become a friend and I have definitely caught his bug.

So in Chapter 38 of 3 Books I ask Ryan to share his four most formative books. (You’ll hear why on the show.) He tells us how to decide who to trust, how he got dramatically fired from his first job, and why we shouldn’t turn parenting into a job.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 38 with Ryan Holiday.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why should you spoil the endings of books and movies?

  • How do we win the war for attention?

  • Why does the path you take toward a goal matter more than achieving the goal itself?

  • How and why should you not turn parenting into a job?

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“We are not set up well as people to defend ourselves against malignant bad actors.” @RyanHoliday #3bookspodcast

“MSNBC’s goal is to glue you to a television screen to sell you Subarus.” @RyanHoliday #3bookspodcast

“I am very worried that mediocre people are going to squash the specialness out of my kid.” @RyanHoliday #3bookspodcast

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