The Best Of 2018: Neil Pasricha peers into the past and plucks perfect podcast pieces

So here we are.

It's 11:59pm on December 31, 2018 and we're releasing our first annual Best Of 3 Books for 2018.

It's a time to look back. It's a time to look ahead. It's a time to look inside and think about which lessons, which insights, and which paths we will follow in the year ahead.

For long time listeners of 3 Books, I hope this hopscotch through the first 19 of 333 chapters gives you poignant reminders, tiny amplifications, and little lightbulb ideas as you look to your year ahead. For new listeners, I hope this gives you a little sampler platter of what we're all about here. We believe books change lives and we're so grateful you decided to listen in to our epic quest to uncover the 1000 most formative books in the world. 

3 Books just won the Apple Best of 2018 Podcasts award and is routinely ranked in the Top 100 on Apple Podcasts. 

And what else do we believe in? We believe in 100% live in-person conversations, we believe in 100% ad / sponsor / interruption-free content, we believe in publishing every single chapter of 3 Books on the exact minute of every new and full moon from 5:36AM on March 31, 2018 to 5:52am September 1, 2031. 

Please explore the rest of to read about all our values, see all our show notes, and catch up on the list of The Top 1000 books in the world. 

Thank you for joining us. This is a powerful pilgrimage and I am so honored to be your host.

I can't wait for the year to come. Let's keep going.


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