You made it. You found it. You got here! 

There are no links here from anywhere on the 3 Books website or podcast so you have jumped the river logs, shredded through the underbrush, and climbed slippery rock faces to get here... 


You are one of the people we consider being in the inner sanctum of the 3 Books community. We love you. We admire you. We serve you. We're guessing you love books, align with most of the Values, and are already in The End of The Podcast Club.

And now you want a little bit more. And we want to give it to you.

Do you remember those old rock band fan clubs? You mailed in a bit of money and got randomly published newsletters that were always filled with love and affection? We miss those. And those are the inspiration for The Papercut Club. 

This is your formal invitation to join The Papercut Club. 

It is a 100% analog, mailbox to mailbox club, with no way on or off except what you read here. To join please mail your name, address, and a short creative handwritten note of any kind together with $20 USD to:

The Papercut Club

c/o Laura Johnson

114 West Wakefield

Sikeston, MO 63801

And remember: The Papercut club is 100% analog. No e-blasts. No texting alerts. No cell phone notifications. No credit card transactions. No PayPal payments.  

We have fun plans to send you surprises in your mailbox to thank you for your love and trust. We want to give back and celebrate with our fellow superfans.

This is going to be fun. 


Neil Pasricha, Host of 3 Books

Laura Johnson, Chief Papercutter